Comfortable Footwear for Hiking

Good Comfortable Footwear for Hiking is Essential!
Minnesota has plenty of trails, state forests and parks that offer a wide range of hiking opportunities for hikers of all abilities. Before heading outdoors to do some exploring make sure you’re equipped with a good pair of hiking shoes or boots that meet your needs. Come into Bender’s Shoes and check out our selection of comfortable hiking shoes and boots for men and women.  We carry performance, outdoor footwear from Merrell, Keen, Ecco and New Balance and are here to help you find the correct footwear to meet your needs, and offer suggestions on styles and features.

A low cut trail shoe is generally fine for day hikes on easy to moderate terrain, but if you are venturing onto more challenging terrain, or have weak ankles, a sturdy mid height boot that  has a more aggressive tread will provide more traction, stability and support. For hikes involving climbing and backpacking , over rough, hilly, uneven terrain a heavier aggressive boot, with additional stability features are required to keep the foot stable and prevent twisting.

Socks can make a huge difference in the fit, comfort and performance of your footwear. When shopping for a new pair of hiking shoes or boots make sure you try them on with the weight socks you plan on wearing. The bulk of the sock will effect the fit of your shoe. Going from a heavy sock to a lightweight sock can change the fit of your boot or shoe enough to create a sloppy poor fitting shoe.  The proper fitting sock will stay in place and not bunch up around your toes or slide down under your heel. Bender’s Shoes has a selection of Smartwool and FITS wool blend socks in a variety of weights for warm and cool weather hiking conditions. Wool blend socks can help wick excessive moisture away from your foot keeping you warm and dry in cold weather, and cool and dry in warm weather. Make sure to choose a sock height that comes up above your shoe or boot height to prevent rubbing on your ankles.

Before heading out on your next adventure come into Bender’s Shoes and try on some of our new styles of comfortable hiking and outdoor shoes and boots. If your looking for  information about hiking in Minnesota check out the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for a listing of state parks, forests,and trails, and information and safety tips for hiking.