Merino Wool Socks

Did you know that Merino Wool socks are great for not just winter but summer also?

They are great at regulating body temperature. The natural fibers are twisted and knitted to create millions of air pockets to keep things cooler or warmer inside. The goal is to keep your body at 98.6 degrees. Merino Wool recognizes and adjusts to the outside temperature. Your feet will be comfortable year round!

Merino Wool is great for moisture control. It absorbs moisture in a vapor form, wicks it away and expels it in evaporation. All before it becomes liquid. This means no clammy feet!

Fantastic odor control. Odors develop from bacteria, which breed in liquid moisture. With Merino Wool wicking away moisture in a vapor form it leaves little for the bacteria to grow in. Resulting in little to no smells!

Were you thinking ‘But what about washing and drying them?’ Well, all three brands we carry (Fits, Smartwool, and Sockwell) can be tossed in the washer with your other stuff and tumble dry on low. Easy peasy!

Thinking of trying Merino Wool socks? We carry Fits, Smartwool, and Sockwell (Sockwell also has diabetic friendly and compression socks! Talk about a double win!). With varying thickness and heights we’re sure you’ll find a pair you like! Stop on by and check out our socks!