Sockwell Graduated Compression Socks

Sockwell Graduated Compression SocksEnergize Your Step. Whether you exercise, travel, stand or sit for prolonged periods of time, Sockwell’s Graduated Compression socks are engineered to maximize circulation with a triple zone, anti-fatigue design. Sockwell’s Graduated Compression socks energize your step, speed recovery, reduce fatigue, prevent soreness, and minimize swelling – in patterns and colors that look great in the process.

Sockwell offers two levels of compression. Sockwell moderate compression series 15-20MMHG will help improve circulation when you need or want extra support in your day. Moderate compression recommended for:

  • All day and every day wear
  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Flying and travel
  • Exercise and recovery
  • Minor to moderate swelling of the feet
  • Minor to moderate varicose veins

Sockwell Firm Compression series 20-30MMHG is recommended for days you need extra support or for those with a slender ankle or calf. Firm Compression recommended for:

  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Flying and travel
  • Wear for those specific times when extra circulation support is needed
  • All day wear with a recommendation from your doctor
  • Moderate to severe varicosities and swelling
  • Those with a slender ankle or calf

Please consult with your medical care practitioner for concerns or questions about your health and compression socks.

Bender’s Shoes now offers a selection of Sockwell® Therapeutic Socks in graduated compression styles for men and women.  You’ll love the modern styles and colors, and appreciate the therapeutic performance of these socks. Come in and give them a try.

All Sockwell series socks are crafted in the USA, of homegrown merino wool (cashmerino), and bamboo. Sockwell’s signature fiber blend balances durability, thermoregulation properties of wool with luxurious bamboo, and environmental friendliness.

Come into Bender’s Shoes in Duluth, Grand Rapids and Hibbing see our selection of Sockwell Therapeutic Socks, and give them a try. Energize Your Step.