Remove Salt Stains From Your Boots

Remove salt stains from your boots. We are getting into slippery, sloppy, salty conditions and keeping your boots looking good can be a challenge. Those white stains from salt can be difficult to remove and may damage leather if left to build up. We always recommend that you follow the shoe manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning and treating your footwear. Bender’s Shoes has a variety of shoe cleaning and treatment products available that can help keep your boots looking good and we’re here to offer  suggestions.
UGG® Australia sheepskin boots can be cleaned and treated with UGG® Australia care products, available in our stores; they provide instructions to treat, clean and condition UGG® Australia boots. If you pre-treat your UGG® Australia boots prior to wearing, keep them clean, and treat throughout the season with UGG Australia sheepskin stain and water repellent you can keep your boots looking good. Kara, at the Grand Rapids store, takes meticulous care of her newest UGG® Australia boots by wiping them down with a soft cloth after each wear, and by avoiding wearing in really sloppy, salty conditions and they look brand new after four years of wear. She has also used the UGG Australia products to clean her older boots and can offer tips and advice based on her experience.
Following are a couple of methods for removing salt stains that you may want to try, at your own risk, on leather boots. ALWAYS test on a small inconspicuous or hidden area to make sure you aren’t making the problem worse. ALWAYS start with a weak solution, apply sparingly and be gentle.
Begin with dry boots and gently remove surface dirt and salt with a soft cloth or soft shoe brush. Clean the salt, sand and dirt from the soles of your boots also. Then follow the steps below. Please note the vinegar solution could remove color from suede, so use the dish soap method.
To Clean Salt Stains on Suede Boots: For Suede Boots mix a drop or two of dish detergent in a cup of cold water. Dip a soft cloth into this solution and gently pat or blot the stains. Do not scrub it could remove the color from the suede. Allow to dry naturally away from heat. Repeat this process as needed. When the stain is gone and the boot is dry, use a soft, clean shoe brush to gently lift the nap of the suede.
To Clean Salt Stains on Leather Boots: Mix about a half cup of vinegar into one cup of lukewarm water. Gently wash your boots with a soft cloth dipped into this solution. Allow to dry naturally away from heat. If this solution is not removing the salt stains you may have to increase the amount of vinegar up to one cup mixed into one cup of water.
After cleaning and drying completely use a leather treatment to protect and condition your boots. We are here to help recommend an appropriate product. You may need to use a product to restore the leather first and then a water protection product. These are best applied sparingly and allowed to dry overnight before buffing with a soft dry cloth.
To avoid having to frequently wash salt stains out of your boots, we recommend that you wipe your boots down with a soft dry cloth after wearing them outside, especially after wearing in wet, sloppy conditions.